About the Artist

” I am not sick. I am not broken. I am a vessel and I am happy to be alive to create for the purpose of our Holy Creator.” J.Kharma

J. Kharma is a triple-threat artist who finesses hip-hop soul music, visual media, and the written word to create stories that relate, reveal, and reflect the spiritual journey of the human condition.

The Vault

A poem a day may keep the therapist away. This small treasure has 50 poems that flow from affirmations, free verse to haiku. The author lyrically covers themes of love, social justice, health and wellness. Read one a day or read them all in one day. If you love to read poetry, this book is a gem. In her avant-garde approach, classic form is dissected and restructured in hip-hop rhythms with an inspirational tone that reminds us that our hearts are the only keys we need to unlock The Vault.